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Painted Living Room Furniture Ideas

What comes to mind when you think of wooden furniture? You probably immediately imagine the grain of the wood showing through whatever clear stain or lacquer has been used to enhance it. These finishes come in a range of colours, but there is much to be said about painted wooden furniture as well. In fact, when you choose items from a range that mixes subtly-painted wooden sections with others finished in lacquer, you might be surprised at the results.

Here we will take a closer look at painted furniture designed to be enjoyed in the living room. With a wide variety of pieces to consider, it’s easier than you may think to create a stunning look that brings out the best in this particular room. If you are thinking of redecorating or replacing a few tired pieces of furniture, don’t do anything until you have read the rest of this piece. We might have the perfect solution for you.

What are the benefits of pre-painted furniture?

If you want a modern look, pre-painted furniture is definitely the way to go. But there is more to it than creating a living room that looks modern.

For example, high-quality painted furniture is typically finished with more than one layer of hardwearing paint. It is designed to withstand chipping and other minor damage, as well as to look good for many years to come.

Furthermore, you’ll love the fact you can easily wipe any stains off by using a damp cloth. You can usually polish painted furniture quite easily as well, which makes for quick housework (and that’s never a bad thing!).

These items can also be purchased in a wide range of shades. These are usually quite subtle and you may find nice pastel options to consider, such as the subtle grey shade used in the Richmond painted oak collection we have to offer. As such, every piece of furniture you choose could end up being a focal point in the room, drawing in the attention and luring people into a calming and welcoming space.

Examples of superb-quality pre-painted living room furniture

richmond painted nest of tables

Occasional tables can come in useful in so many ways. The Richmond collection has a stunning nest of three tables that features the signature pre-painted look. This example really shows the pre-painted look to its best. For instance, the base and legs of each table are painted in the subtle grey you will see throughout this collection. Meanwhile, the table top is finished in a clear lacquer, to ensure the top is able to withstand regular use.

These tables would be useful as lamp tables, as occasional tables for drinks and snacks, and for keeping a book or phone on as well. You can probably think of many more uses, but the finish of the table itself means it will stand up to years of service. The light grey finish complements the light oak of the table top, and you also have the reassurance of knowing the bottom section of the table is also constructed in the finest oak.

For many people, it is the contrast between the painted areas of the furniture and the clear lacquered wooden areas that is most appealing. As you can see, when the colour chosen complements the lightness of the wood – as it does in the Richmond collection – the eye is drawn to the piece. It turns a standard piece of furniture into something entirely different – and arguably something even more appealing.

richmond painted large bookcase with drawers

There can be no better example of this than the Richmond painted large bookcase with drawers, an option that is a key part of this range. This would suit an area of the living room that doubles as a home office, but it could equally be used to display ornaments or to store books or other similar items.

The solidity of this piece is just as impressive as every other item in the range. Yet here you can really see how dynamic the contrasting colours of the oak and the grey are. The body of the unit has been expertly finished in the light grey shade, while the shelves and the top of the unit display the beauty of the oak itself, as they are lacquered to keep the wood in its most natural – yet protected – state.

Which units would transform the look of your living room?

No two living rooms are the same, either in space or proportions or in the style of those who use them. However, many living rooms would look stunning indeed if they were kitted out with one or more pieces from the Richmond range. If you thought real wood furniture looked heavy and foreboding, think again. Some pieces may do, but this range proves this doesn’t have to be the case.