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Oak Sideboards with Display Cabinets

Are you looking for something versatile, solidly-built and user-friendly in terms of storage and good looks? If so, an oak sideboard constructed from only the best solid oak may provide the ideal solution.

While a sideboard may not be the first item of furniture you’d think of to put in your kitchen or dining room, you’d be surprised how much use you’ll find for it once you invest in one. As you’ll shortly find out, they can be extremely versatile and they may just provide you with the one storage option you’ve been missing.

Different types and styles of sideboards on offer

Before you invest in a sideboard, it’s worth considering what you want to store in it. This may well vary depending on where you intend to put it. Dining rooms can often be completely devoid of any storage at all, so this is a good solution to have on hand. For instance, if you are going to put it in your dining room, it may make sense to put cutlery and crockery in it.

To this end, you will want to look for a sideboard with drawers as well as a cupboard, to tick all the boxes you have in mind. The Chelsea Oak double door, two-drawer sideboard is a good example of this. It has solid doors too, so everything can be kept safely tucked out of sight. This fits well if you like the minimalist look.

Chelsea Oak Double Door 2 Drawer Sideboard

On the other hand, if you would rather display some of your crockery and other items, buying a sideboard with glass-fronted doors would be a better idea. The Somerset Oak small sideboard with glass doors fulfils this purpose perfectly. It also means the items you display will be kept free from dust, as the doors will make it difficult for them to get dusty. They are also likely to be safer in there than they would be on display on a standard shelf.

Why add a display cabinet?

For even better storage possibilities, you can also add a display cabinet. This makes a real feature of the sideboard as well. It looks as though you have purchased one tall unit as both the top and the bottom fit together perfectly.

The best example of this can be seen in the Somerset Oak small hutch or display cabinet. This has been designed to fit with the Somerset Oak sideboard, so you can create the perfect display unit that provides even more storage.

In this case, you have two additional cupboards with glass sections in the doors, not to mention four smaller drawers that reach to the back of the cabinet. These can be used to store all kinds of smaller items that might be easily set aside and lost. Think of wine glass charms, smaller napkins and perhaps a wine bottle opener, to give just a few ideas. You still get to make full use of the top of the sideboard too, except it now provides a pleasant alcove instead of a bare top. Would this appeal to the needs you have in your dining room?

Somerset Oak Small Hutch (HUTCH ONLY)

Display cabinets allow you to make the best of any beautiful crockery or other similar pieces you may have. Additionally, it looks more inviting than a standard cabinet as it catches the eye and provides really versatile storage options. If you’re lacking a focal point in your dining room or kitchen, this could give you the solution you have been searching for.

What can you use display cabinets for?

We’ve already spoken about the idea of displaying certain pieces of crockery that might otherwise get left in a cupboard. This wouldn’t be everyday crockery, but if you have a particularly nice set that is only brought out for special occasions, a display cabinet could provide the perfect home for it at other times. After all, it would be a shame for it to get dusty in a cabinet where it would never be seen.

They can also be good for storing other items, such as a novelty salt and pepper set, a wine cooler or display holder and even an array of spices and herbs. Whatever you decide to use yours for, you can be sure you will have a chance to enjoy your own sideboard and display cabinet combination in your home.

Choosing the right combination

Some display cabinets come as one item, with the bottom cupboard section and the upper display section all in one. In many cases, though, you will need to purchase the sideboard and the display cabinet separately. When you do, make sure you choose two pieces from the same range, so you can be sure they were designed to fit together. While you can usually use them separately, you will see they can be easily fitted together as well – and that certainly makes your life easier.