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Oak Mirrors for Dressing Tables

Every room has certain finishing touches that are expected for that setting. For instance, a lounge or living area might not look completely finished until it has a rug on the floor, complete with a coffee table. A dining room will look better with a centrepiece of some sort on the table.

You get the idea, we’re sure. And when it comes to your bedroom, it won’t really look complete without a mirror on the dressing table. It’s a practical item, but it also looks good and even a small mirror can give that part of the room a little more depth, thanks to the reflection it gives out.

Why have a mirror in your bedroom?

For most people, this is where they will get dressed and ready for each day. As such, it makes perfect sense to have a mirror in the room. Without one, you’ll have to go into another room to make sure you look fine. It’s certainly easier having one right there where you need it most.

While wall-hung mirrors are a good idea, it is often nicer to have a mirror that completes the dressing table, if you have one. This is because it enables you to sit down to complete certain tasks. And of course, few dressing tables will come without a small stool to sit on to make it comfier.

Knightsbridge Oak Dressing Table Mirror

It’s also better to have a dressing table mirror because they are usually fixed to a solid base. Take the oak dressing table mirror from the Knightsbridge range, for example. This is very impressive as it has a nice chunky frame and it pivots nicely on the wooden stand. This makes it far easier to adjust it to whatever angle you need it to be at. The American white oak used in its construction is also particularly appealing.

But that’s not the only option you have to choose from. If you’d like a more traditional style, the Stratford range might be a better option. The dressing table mirror in that range is made from reclaimed oak, so no two pieces are ever identical. It has a classic look and once again pivots easily on the fixings.

There is also a chance to go for a rustic appearance with the Cambridge rustic oak dressing table mirror, which forms part of the Cambridge oak range. As you’ll notice, this particular mirror has a smaller frame than some of the others, meaning the mirror itself is a little larger in size. You can therefore make the most of it in every way.

Do you need a dressing table as well?

Now you know the appeal of having a mirror in your bedroom, you might want to consider investing in a dressing table to go with it. This is good to bear in mind if you don’t already have one, and you perhaps need a little more in the way of storage space as well.

Stratford Reclaimed Oak Dressing Table

The Knightsbridge oak console table is very appealing and comes with two drawers to tidy away all those odds and ends you use regularly, but don’t want to have on display. Meanwhile, if the Stratford reclaimed oak range has caught your eye, you can take a look at their dressing table as well. This has three drawers to one side, with the bottom two slightly deeper than the top one. As such it provides ample storage possibilities, and keeps your bedroom looking nice and tidy as a result.

A dressing table mirror offers additional versatility

One of the best things about having one of these mirrors is that they are designed to sit anywhere on the dressing table. While some people position them in the middle, others decide to put them at an angle. You can do either, depending on what else you have on your dressing table and how it would look best overall.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that all these mirrors are designed to sit in a stable position on a very small base. The last thing you want is for the mirror to take up lots of room on the dressing table top. By choosing one with a small heavy base to withstand the weight of the mirror, you get the best of all worlds.

They’re also very affordable, although it is worth investing in one made from solid oak. The oak not only looks nice, it darkens as it ages, so it will always look stunning even as it changes over time. Finished with a clear lacquer, each oak mirror also guarantees it will be able to shrug off anything you may happen to spill on it over the years.

We think you may well use your new mirror for years too, since real wood always looks better as it ages. It looks exceptional right from the start too, as you will see when you take delivery of one.