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Conservatories provide home owners with a practical and appealing space that can be used for all kinds of things. However, if you long for a separate dining room and you’ve never had the space for one before, a conservatory can provide you with the ideal solution.

What are the benefits of using a conservatory as a dining room?

There are lots of modern homes that don’t have a separate dining room included in the design. Instead, you may get a kitchen with a breakfast bar, or simply a lounge area that has to accommodate a table and chairs as well.

When you have a separate dining area in your conservatory, you get to close the doors on the space when you’re not using it. You don’t have to worry about moving round a table that is in the way because you have to shoehorn it into your kitchen or your lounge.

You can also dedicate the entire space to dining, which allows you to create a space that is truly appealing. There is a chance to create an ambience that would not be possible if you had to accommodate a dining table and chairs in another room. You can be creative in ways you may not otherwise be.

Tight on space? Consider an extending table

While a conservatory can add space to a property, it may not be as large as you would ideally like. While you may in theory be able to fit a large table in there, it would look odd to have it in place all the time.

That’s why it makes sense to consider purchasing an extending dining table. You can keep it at its smallest size when not in use, and when you need it, it takes only a moment or two to extend it.

A great example of the appeal of an extending table comes in the form of the Tampa Oak extending dining table, complete with a drawer. When not extended it measures 160cm in length, but this can be increased to 210cm with the extension in place. It is also capable of seating up to eight people. The drawer also means you can keep place mats and cutlery in there for when they are needed.

Cotswold Oak Small Drawleaf Table

If you need something smaller that can still be extended, the Cotswold oak small drawleaf table might work. With an extension leaf at either end, you have the option to use them when required, or to leave them in place underneath the fixed tabletop.

On the other hand, you could be fortunate enough to have a large conservatory to work with. If so, the large Cotswold oak extending table with two inserts could be what you are looking for. When the inserts are tucked away out of sight, you can enjoy a table measuring 132cm in length. Put both in place and you have a table measuring just shy of two metres long (198cm).

Adding the finishing touches

A conservatory-based dining room is about far more than just the dining table. Fortunately, you can purchase chairs that match the table in terms of design, as well as a number of other practical and appealing items of furniture.

For example, mood lighting is essential to help create a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy a nice meal. So why not add a lamp table or two on which to place some attractive side lamps?

If you have the room, a sideboard can also make a practical and appealing choice. Candles, place settings, cutlery, crockery and even wine can all be kept stored away until needed. The small Somerset oak sideboard with glass doors would be a good choice in compact conservatories. Meanwhile, if you have the room, the Stratford reclaimed oak large sideboard would keep your conservatory clutter-free when you’re not dining.

Stratford Reclaimed Oak Large Sideboard

And of course we have yet to mention dining chairs. Our range includes chairs that will complement every single dining table we sell. This means you can be assured of a great co-ordinated look, regardless of the dining table you opt for.

Whatever shape or size of conservatory you have, there is definitely a chance to enjoy a much better dining experience if you devote that space solely to dining. With all kinds of tables available in a variety of sizes – extending and otherwise – you are sure to find the best solution for the space you have. From round tables to oblong and square ones, finding the right table and chairs is only the beginning.

Think about how you want to use the space and how many people you might have to accommodate. Then let your imagination go to town in helping you decorate the room and dress the table for dinner. You’ll be glad you spent some time achieving the ideal result for your home.