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Contemporary Home Entertainment Furniture

Home entertainment has grown massively in recent years. From televisions to DVDs and satellite boxes to gaming systems, the phrase can cover all manner of different areas.

It makes sense then to have furniture that will accommodate all your home entertainment equipment without it making your home look untidy. The last thing you need is a tangle of wires and cables everywhere, not to mention stacks of DVDs or games that can easily be lost or tripped over.

Fortunately, there are plenty of contemporary home entertainment furniture ranges available now. These range from smaller, simpler units to bigger ones that offer more versatile storage possibilities.

Choosing a cabinet that will hold everything you need

Before purchasing your cabinet, think about the various things it needs to hold. Do you have a satellite or cable box, for example? Do you have a games system that needs to go on the same unit?

Once you know how many shelves you will need, not to mention whether or not you want drawers to put your DVDs and games in, you can go shopping with more confidence.

Is your television wall-mounted?

manhattan entertainment cabinet

If so, you might be able to get away with a smaller unit. This is ideal if space is at a premium. For instance, a 32” TV will be around 71cm in width. As such, it would be slightly too big to fit the Manhattan entertainment cabinet without having an overhang on either side. However, the cabinet would work beautifully with a wall-mounted TV above it. The four shelves and one drawer included with the unit would provide you with ample storage for all your peripheral equipment and associated remotes.

What about widescreen?

cotswold oak large tv unit

More and more of us have widescreen televisions nowadays. If you do, you will need a unit wide enough to accommodate it. The Cotswold oak large TV unit measures 183cm wide, which is wide enough to take a TV as big as 75”. Of course, you should always measure the width of your own television to make sure you get the right unit; these are only guidelines.

This particular cabinet provides plenty of space for another piece of equipment on the middle shelf, and a drawer below to keep things tidied out of view. With a cupboard on either side, this could give you a minimalist and thoroughly-modern cabinet to be proud of.

Corner units

oxford oak corner tv unit

Finding a practical space for a smaller television can be an issue. That’s one of the reasons why corner units are so popular. They allow more people in the room to view the television too.

The Oxford oak corner TV unit would suit a much smaller television, as the unit is 50cm wide. The shape means the unit is actually wider than you may at first think. Even if your television slightly overhangs the edges, it should be fine as it is positioned in the corner of the room.

Do you need to make the most of a challenging space?

boston chic widescreen one-door television cabinet

Being able to watch television means having the TV positioned in just the right spot. But what if you can’t achieve that all the time?

If you’d rather be able to wheel the unit out slightly from the wall to achieve a better angle, you can do just that with the Boston chic widescreen one-door television cabinet. This is 120cm wide, and so it could comfortably take up to a 50” television. It also has wheels on it so you can bring it out to watch TV and then slide it back in towards the wall quite safely whenever you need to. The wheels have safety locks on them as well to prevent accidents.

From simple to more complex units

windsor oak one-drawer small tv video unit

There are stylish contemporary units available that are much more minimalist in design if you don’t need much in the way of storage. The Cotswold oak small TV cabinet with drawer has a large spacious drawer you can use for all kinds of things, and just the one large space for a DVD player or something similar. It is perfect for smaller TVs up to about a 37”, which means you don’t have to find much room to install it.

If you have a DVD player, a satellite box, a gaming system and possibly one or two other pieces of equipment as well, a unit like the Windsor oak one-drawer small TV video unit would be ideal. This has space for no fewer than five pieces of equipment – plus of course room for a television on top. The 110cm width makes it ideal for anything up to a 46” TV.

It’s clear there is something out there for everyone. Regardless of your specific home entertainment setup, you can be certain of finding just the right unit with the kind of appeal you have been searching for.

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