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Going online for interior design inspiration is all very well. However, many rooms and spaces are on the large side, and the storage solutions provided in those situations can be far from ideal when you live somewhere much smaller.

Storage is even more important when you have a small space to furnish. You want it to look as spacious as possible, providing you with all the furniture you need, and yet you don’t want it to look overcrowded. What do you do?

One useful piece of furniture is a console table, and that’s what we’re going to look at in more detail here. By the end of this article, you’ll know what it is, what it looks like and how it could help you make the most of all kinds of small spaces.

The beauty of a console table

A console table is usually a shallow table comprising one or more drawers directly beneath the table top. Some also have a shelf much lower down near the floor. As such it is a very versatile piece of furniture to have around.

They are often made from solid wood and may have a chunky look or be constructed from much finer and slimmer pieces of wood. They can have a painted finish or be lacquered or stained to let the natural appeal of the wood shine through.

Where can you use a console table?

You’d be surprised how practical a console table can be. Many people put one to good use in their hallway. They’re ideal for this because they aren’t very deep. Even the narrowest of hallways should be able to accommodate a smaller shallower table quite easily.

They can also be used to good effect in a dining room, a lounge or even a larger kitchen. With so many designs available, it’s possible to choose just the right console table for the space you have, providing you with additional storage and display space at the same time.

Which option will suit you best?

Windsor Oak Small Console Table with 1 Drawer and 1 Shelf

Before you purchase your new console table, it pays to think about where you’re going to use it, not to mention what you intend to use it for. We’ve showcased four items below to give you an idea of how many options there are to choose from.

Firstly, let’s look at the Cotswold Oak large console table. This has a very simple and elegant design, with chamfered legs at the bottom and a low-set shelf and three deep drawers at the top. With a depth of 35cm, it is capable of neatly slotting into many positions in your home. It also measures 118cm wide, so you can see how practical it is for display purposes as well as storage. It can easily be finished with baskets or boxes underneath, too.

Of course, you may not have enough room to accommodate something this wide. Maybe you have an odd corner you could use some storage in, but you don’t want anything too big or tall there. The Windsor Oak small console table might just fit the bill in this case. It has one deep drawer with two fake smaller drawer fronts. The table also has a chunky shelf towards the bottom. This console table is 37cm deep and still provides a good degree of storage.

Cotswold Oak Large Console Table

But maybe you need something even more versatile – something you can move from one place to another when the need arises. If so, the Boston Chic console table is just the thing. This is made from reclaimed wood and boasts an aluminium frame, so it has a style all its own. The large wheels are in keeping with the design and enable you to move it quite easily from one location to another.

Our final suggestion is saved for last for very good reason – it provides the biggest storage console table of the lot. The Windsor Oak three-drawer console and wine table provides enough storage for 20 bottles of wine. It also has three drawers along the top of the table, and a large open space to either side of the integral wine rack. It’s the widest of all the consoles we’ve listed here, measuring an impressive 180cm in all. The 45cm depth ensures those wine bottles are safely stored, and the drawers can hide away all kinds of odds and ends.

Whatever you decide to do, you can definitely find a console table that will fit in your space and look the part as well. When you have a chance to take advantage of a unit that provides versatile storage and display possibilities, it makes sense to use it as best you can. With plenty of appealing tables of this nature, it is easy to see why so many other people include them in their interior design ideas.