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Come the winter months, most of us end up reaching for a blanket of some kind. The only trouble is, the best blankets are large and cumbersome to store in the summer. Trying to tuck one away in the wardrobe rarely works, as it doesn’t leave you enough room for the rest of your clothes.

Similarly, trying to fit them into chests of drawers, which aren’t really made for such items, can only cause problems. You need somewhere you can store them out of sight that won’t mean you lose room to store other things.

Your bedroom should be a haven – somewhere to retire to at the end of a long day so you can rest and relax. You’re not going to be able to do that if you end up with blankets dotted around the place for the summer. Even if they are neatly folded, they’re going to end up getting in the way sooner or later, not to mention looking untidy.

Here’s the solution

Have you ever thought of investing in a blanket box? This is a great solution for storing those errant blankets, and it keeps them safely out of sight yet close by whenever you need them. There are plenty of options in terms of the finish you could choose, and you will find them very practical for storing other items as well.

For instance, if you have a winter duvet and a thinner one for the summer, you might have room to pop the spare duvet in there along with the blanket. Then you have them close at hand for the time when the temperatures drop and you need some extra comfort at night.

A beauty in reclaimed oak

Stratford Reclaimed Oak Blanket Box

If you like the idea of reclaimed oak furniture, the Stratford reclaimed oak blanket box could be ideal for you. With small feet to keep the bulk of the box off the floor, and a nice deep interior, it provides ample storage and also a place to sit if needed. Alternatively, you could use the top to display other items.

Looking for something smaller?

Staten Oak Blanket Trunk

You may not have room to have a blanket box in the traditional position at the end of your bed. If that’s the case, you might want to choose the Staten oak coffee trunk instead. This measures 60cm square and is 50cm in height, providing a casual stool as well as somewhere to hide that spare blanket. It could take up many positions in your bedroom.

Maybe something bigger is in order

Knightsbridge Rustic Oak Blanket Box

If you do have the room to accommodate a larger blanket box, it’s a good idea to make use of it if you can. Take a look at the Knightsbridge rustic oak blanket box to give you an idea of what a longer blanket box looks like. This one is a metre in length so you will have enough room for spare blankets and bedding too if you like. While some people store bedding in drawers or in the wardrobe, this might prove to be a better solution for you.

Looking for a brighter finish?

Richmond Painted Storage Bench

Solid wood furniture has many benefits, but it is definitely worth considering whether a lighter finish might be more in keeping with your current bedroom design. For example, the Richmond painted storage bench benefits from a nice white finish to the front and sides, yet keeps the natural wood finish on top. It’s a nice contrast and one that might well appeal to you. This one also offers two doors at the front rather than a lid you can lift. With two shelves inside, there are three spaces to slide in neatly-folded blankets so they don’t get screwed up.

What would work for your bedroom?

Obviously the main aim here is to make sure you keep your bedroom tidy and free from clutter. You can then make sure you are able to rest and relax, all the while knowing exactly where everything is. It’s frustrating when you know you have blankets and you can’t remember where you put them when spring arrived last year, isn’t it?

So take a fresh look around your bedroom and think about where a blanket box could go. The position at the end of the bed might work if you have space, but do measure up before buying anything. This will make it easier to assess where your chosen blanket box might go.

It will also help you assess which box design might suit your room best. Obviously if you have limited space you will have to consider narrowing down your choices. The design element will also come into play. But you know there are always smaller, squarer boxes available too, so you are bound to find the right design for your needs once you start looking.